About Us

We only devote ourselves to what we believe is right, never giving up no matter how hard it is.

Co-founders of the Brand: Chloe and Mason

What is good life like?

There is one thing often on the mind of Chloe, one of the co-founders, that beauty is the second life for a woman, and woman needs to glow with confidence from within if she wants to have a better life.

It is frequently asked that「whether Chloe has some skin care products to recommend」.

In the past, I was often asked that「whether you had some skin care products to recommend」. I only smiled but made no reply. As a beautician, I know that there are no good or bad products, but there are only products suitable or unsuitable for you. Famous and expensive as some products are, they are not suitable for certain people. What I want to make are not some showy fashion products, but some truly suitable for you and some that make you live a wonderful life.

Just at this time, I came across Taiwan’s Mason who graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Mason has an insight into the tricks in the skin care products marketing. Due to deceptive marketing practices, many people have used the wrong products, thus resulting in serious skin problems. Therefore, we decide to, with our professional knowledge on this industry, improve the skin condition of ourselves and our friends. To achieve this, we have studied the skin physiology and skin structure, learned cosmetology knowledge, and had a deep understanding of the roles and effects of various ingredients on the skin. Relying on our product resources and physicians’ expertise and prescription, Taiwan Medical Beauty Group, adhering to the concept of mini plastic, is committed itself to researching and developing household skin care. You can do beauty care by yourself instead of going to the beauty salon.

It is quite clear to Mason that 『what woman wants is the real safety and happiness』. I make every effort to make you feel secure for using our products and feel light-hearted in your work.

There is a kind of love, not ardent and strong, but considerate and reliable. We have not done a lot of advertising for L’amare, but have really made full use of our experience and our life-time knowledge to select raw materials carefully and try hundreds of times to achieve the optimal composition of these materials.

We! Pursue Perfection Only for You!

To those confident, kind-hearted, backboned and strong-minded women Mason and Chloe