Background of the Team

L’amare has integrated the three specialties of dermatology, biochemistry and cosmeceutical into one. L’amare transnational skin care team is made up by excellent physicians as well as top biochemical and cosmeceutical experts from cosmeceutical industry, academic circles and industrial circles. By combining its medical expertise and innovative technologies, the team is able to make use of the latest nourishing ingredients, conduction technology and mild cosmeceutical formula to develop a series of skin care products in order to solve the six skin problems concerning pimple, pore, complexion, aging, allergy and dry skin for users of different ages, different skin types and skin problems. We help you to handle the skin problems one by one to make your skin young and firm. With L’amare, the ever-lasting beauty belongs to you.

Brand features: Based on dermatology and dermatophysiology: Focusing on different physiological mechanisms, we have developed a complete set of skin repair and skin care concepts based on the dermatologists’ experience in skin diagnosis and treatment. International cosmeceutical production: The products are produced with professional technologies adopted by the internationally-advanced laboratories and famous cosmeceutical plants from America and Japan, and have gone through a series of rigorous procedures from R&D, testing, compounding, manufacturing to quality management. The producing process totally conforms to the GMP and ISO14000 standards. All these efforts are made to provide international class formulas for your skin and to make it beautiful and radiant. Addition of highly-active ingredients: We have taken the lead to add effective active ingredients that best fit Asian skins, such as fullerene, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, L-Ascorbic acid, glycolic acid, glycyrrhizic acid, astacin and so on, to improve the skins with various problems and to keep skins in good condition. All our raw materials come from the famous raw material plants in Europe, such as DSM Group, an internationally-leading raw material corporation famous for its high quality and many patents.