Only one drop of it can restore you the moisturized and radiant kin.
It works in 7 days, and turns back the heart of your man in 28 days.
It makes you a beautiful queen, and helps you to beat back the mistress.


Hyaluronic Enhanced Essence 30ml x 1 Bottle

With super moisturizing capacity, it is able to moisturize your skin immediately.

The whitening ingredient is added to help to create flawless skin and to make the skin radiant and shining. Without ethyl alcohol, it is applicable to the sensitive skin.

It shrinks the pores to restore truly perfect skin and keep the skin radiant.

The compound herbal hyaluronic acid essence restores a girlish skin for you. You look fine even with no makeup, for your skin is attentively cared.

The unique moisturizing factors provide special defense mechanism, superior resistance to oxidization and overall protection for the skin.


Patented purslane extracts, natural moisturizing factors and high water-bearing hyaluronic acid essence


After cleaning the skin, evenly apply the product to the face, and gently massage until being fully absorbed.